An Afternoon in Albany

It’s always hard keeping up with your friends back home when you’re an expat, especially if those friends travel a lot too. Luckily I was able to meet up with one of my bffs from high school, Meg in Albany, New York this past Wednesday. We had a great time catching up and exploring New York’s capitol.

To start off our day we met at Cider Belly for fresh donuts and iced coffee. They had a huuuge selection of flavors plus some vegan and gluten free options. I opted for the double blueberry and Meg had a banana’s foster. I also had a super yummy lavender coconut iced coffee. If you’re passing through Albany, I would definitely recommend stopping by for a donut or a dozen!


After catching up over coffee, we decided to walk around and check out the capitol building! Unfortunately it started down pouring and we ended up in the closest building we could find, which happened to be a Starbucks, so instead of having lunch at a cool local restaurant, we just got some sandwiches there. After the rain cleared up we made our way to the capitol building which was practically a château.


To escape the humidity, we found ourselves in the New York State Museum, which was free! In the museum we learned about the history and pre-history of New York and saw some pretty cool artifacts and replicas.

Meg and I hanging around in an old Subway car!

A Mastodon and baby
View from the mezzanine of the museum

After our museum visit, we ended our day by having a flight of cider at the Nine Pin Cidery. I tried the Original, Belgian, Ginger, and Strawberry. We also had some apples, cider-infused cheese and almonds as a snack to go with it. I have more of a sweet tooth, so I prefer cider over beer!

Have you every been to Albany? Do you have a favorite place to visit in New York?




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