Catalonia Part 2: Day Trip to Cadaqués

An hour outside of Figueres towards the coast is a lovely little fishing village called Cadaqués, also known as the Saint-Tropez of Spain.

An hour outside of Figueres towards the coast, is a lovely little fishing village called Cadaqués, also known as the Saint-Tropez of Spain. To get there, we took a bus for about 5€ ; beware, if you can get motion sickness like I sometimes do, make sure not to go on an empty stomach and sit near the front – the roads can get windy up in the seaside hills.


Once we got off the bus, we strolled around until we reached the beach. On our way we were charmed by the white and blue houses, flowers and cobblestone streets. I always thought that the prettiest villages were in France, but Cadaqués is something else!


Near the Santa Maria church we passed by a cat shelter/adoption center and saw lots of sleepy kitties basking in the sun. After admiring the cats, we made our way to the oceanfront where we had a little breakfast and watched some mischievous dogs take off to swim in the water.


Afterwards, we decided to walk about 15 minutes to see Salvador Dali’s house. Unfortunately the tickets were already sold out for the house so we couldn’t go inside. Book tickets in advance if you want to visit the house! However, we could still visit the olive grove/garden area, which was still a lot of fun.


To pass the time before lunch, we decided to go hiking on a little path near Dali’s house around the cove. It wasn’t a super difficult hike elevation-wise, but there are some tricky bits of rock you have to climb over – I did it in a skirt and managed not to get even one run in my tights! I felt like a kid again climbing on rocks like I did when my family used to vacation on a little island off the coast of Maine.


After our hike we stopped for lunch at a cute little café called El Gato Azul  where I had some falafel and my boyfriend had a fish based dish. By the time lunch was over, we had to catch our bus back to Figueres, then catch a train to our next destination, Girona.


Thanks so much for reading! In case you missed it, here is part one of my Catalonia trip: Catalonia Part 1: Hiking across the French-Spanish Border !




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